Terms and Conditions

School Wrap Limited: Terms and Conditions

Welcome to School Wrap. The School Wrap Team endeavour to provide a safe and exciting play environment for your child(ren) both before, and after school, and during Holiday Club. This document outlines the responsibilities of both School Wrap and parents and/or carers. It must be read in full and signed/acknowledged online through our new database Member Meister. Please save this electronic copy for your future reference. Please note: Terms and Conditions must be agreed in conjunction with your Child’s Registration Form, Consent for Collection Form and General Permissions Form.



The Terms and Conditions of this contract relate to School Wrap Limited and parents and/or carers. This Contract is for the duration of your child’s attendance at School Wrap. School Wrap will be subject to change from time to time, as we continuously reflect upon the high quality childcare service we endeavour to provide. Staff training needs are clearly identified to maintain quality, flexible childcare. We fully comply with Ofsted regulations and guidelines. School Wrap Policies and Procedures are in place to help staff, parents and/or carers to understand their roles and responsibilities. They are embedded in day-to-day practice and are actively reviewed. You will be notified immediately of any changes that will affect the care of your child.

A full range of policies can be viewed on the School Wrap website www.schoolwrap.co.uk

Printed copies are readily available upon request.

Our Key Policies include:

• Safeguarding and Child Protection
• Whistleblowing
• Uncollected Children
• Health and Safety
• Administering Medication
• Complaints
• Registration and Fees


Our Pledge

School Wrap aim to provide an inspiring environment for children and young people to play, learn and develop through free-play. We consider children’s current interests, preferences and learning styles whilst using the Playwork Principles. Children in their Early Years are supported socially, emotionally, and physically working within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Young children are assigned a Key Person to help the child become familiar with the setting and offer support to complement learning in settings where children spend more time (pre-school/nursery school, infant school). We are committed to meeting the needs of every child and their families through dialogue and action.


Arrivals & Departures

School Wrap operates Monday through to Friday from 07:15 (07.30) – 17.00 / 18:00 including; school drop off and pick up. Parents are asked to collect their children upon or before 17.00 or 18:00. Any parent and/or carer picking up their children later than 17:00 / 18:00 will be charged £5.00 for every five minutes they are late. This charge will be applied at the Manager’s discretion. If a parent and/or carer knows that they will be late, we ask that they notify a member of staff at the earliest available time. We understand that sometimes there are special circumstances, therefore, staff members can be flexible to assist parents if something unexpected arises.

Your child will not be permitted to leave with anyone who is not documented on the Consent for Collection Form, provided by you, with your password. Should you wish for someone else to collect your child, you will need to telephone School Wrap in person to provide accurate details and your password.


School Wrap Breakfast Club

Children must be on the School Wrap register and arrive with parents and/or carers, at which point they become the responsibility of School Wrap staff. Children are not legally allowed to access the setting prior to 07:15 (07.30 Holiday Club) due to insurance purposes. Children are then in the care of School Wrap until: Junior School children 08:30 where they will join the other school children in the playground or classroom, they are then in the care of the Junior School staff; Infant School 08:50 once they have been safely delivered into their class line with their form teacher; Secondary School – until they leave School Wrap premises to catch the bus / train or lift.


School Wrap After School

Pre-school 15:00 young children are signed out by School Wrap qualified staff member. Infants School 15:15 infants are handed over to School Wrap staff; Junior School 15:30. Junior School children will be instructed to wait in the school hall until School Wrap staff return from the Infants School. The School Wrap staff will then collect the children for School Wrap.

Secondary School children will be expected to make their way straight to School Wrap from the bus or train. If they have not arrived at School Wrap by 16:10 we will try to contact them (if they have a mobile phone) and in the second instance, we will contact parents and/or carers to notify them that their child has not arrived. Please note that we will always notify you if a child arrives late to School Wrap. Your child is not officially in our care until they arrive onto the premises of School Wrap.


Health and Illness

Should a child become unwell enough to require time off from school, parents are asked to inform School Wrap as soon as possible and to inform staff of their expected length of absence. In the event of a child contracting an infectious or communicable disease, parents are required to inform School Wrap staff as soon as possible to assist in ceasing the spread of the disease. All fees will be chargeable (in conjunction with notice expectations; please see Notice to Change booked Regular / Ad-Hoc Sessions below) unless a child is hospitalised.

Parents need to adhere strictly to our policy regarding medicine at School Wrap. If a parent and/or carer wants their child to be given prescribed medicine during the day by a member of staff, they must complete and sign the Administering Medication Form.

In the event that a child is involved in a serious accident whilst at School Wrap, the manager, or delegated member of staff, will contact the parent immediately on the contact number provided. In the event that a child requires medical treatment, a trained paediatric first aider will administer first aid until a paramedic arrives. Parental consent will be requested upon initial registration.

If any infectious or communicable disease is detected on School Wrap’s premises, all parents will be informed. If a child or staff member becomes ill outside School Wrap hours, School Wrap must be notified and the exclusion period outlined in the table of ‘Infectious and Communicable Diseases’ which can be found in the Illness and Accidents Policy.


Food and Drink

School Wrap provide children with a healthy, nutritious breakfast and/or light tea appropriate to time attended. Fresh drinking water and fresh fruit are readily available and accessible at all times. Staff will make every effort to ensure all food is sensitive to the dietary, religious and cultural requirements of all children. *It is vital that parents disclose information about any special dietary requirements, food intolerances, or allergies, that the child has and any special health requirements and/or additional needs to enable staff to ensure the safety and well-being of children at all times.


Acceptable Behaviour

While School Wrap operates in an informal setting, acceptable and safe behaviour is expected of the children at all times. Wrap Rules have been compiled by the children and staff team and are consistent. They will be explained for children to follow at all times. Rule breaking and unacceptable, or unsafe behaviour, including bullying behaviour in any form, will not be tolerated by staff (refer to Behaviour Guidance Policy and Bullying Policy).

It is crucial that parents reinforce School Wrap Rules with their children to help encourage acceptable behaviour and explain that there will be suitable actions taken for unacceptable behaviour.


Uncollected Children

At the end of the session, if a child is not collected, repeated attempts will be made to contact the parent and/or carer or other authorised persons on the Consent for Collection Form provided by you. The uncollected child will be supervised by staff who will offer reassurance and support. If after one hour no contact is made with the parent and/or carer or any person on the contact list, Social Services Department will be notified and the child will be handed over to the Social Services team.



We welcome feedback from all of our parents and/or carers. School Wrap endeavour to provide the highest level of care. Should any parent become unhappy with their child’s care, we ask that they inform a member of staff verbally, or in writing as soon as possible. Staff will address any issues raised at the earliest convenience. In the event of a complaint being unresolved, the Management Team will endeavour to work closely with all parties concerned within seven days to reach a positive outcome. Parents will be notified in writing of any explanations or resolutions to complaints that have been raised.


Safeguarding Children

School Wrap’s safeguarding children procedures comply with all relevant legislation and guidance from the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). All staff are highly trained to understand safeguarding policy and procedures whilst on-going training is supported to enable staff to have up-to-date knowledge of safeguarding issues. Staff are trained to identify signs of possible abuse and neglect at the earliest opportunity, and are trained to respond in a timely and appropriate way. School Wrap staff are alert to any issues for concern in the child’s life at home, or elsewhere. If concerns are raised about children’s safety or welfare, agencies with statutory responsibilities will be notified without delay. This means the local social care services and, in emergencies, the police.

In the case of an allegation being made by a child against a member of staff, the procedure listed in the Staff Disciplinary Policy will be adhered to immediately.


Changes to Regular Session Bookings

Should your regular booked session requirements change, notice must be received prior to the 20th day of the month. This is because the invoicing process will be due and staff/child ratios will have been arranged for the remainder of the month.


Cancellation of Regular Session Bookings

Should you wish to cancel a regular booked session, we require one calendar month written notice. This applies to any booked regular session.


Changes to Ad-hoc Sessions / Holiday Club

Should you wish to change or swap an ad-hoc session, you must send an email request to admin@schoolwrap.co.uk or notify the session supervisor on 07748 808308


Cancellation of Ad-hoc Sessions / Holiday Club

You must notify via email, telephone or text as soon as possible to avoid charges:

Telephone: 01327 842109
Email: admin@schoolwrap.co.uk
School Wrap mobile: 07748 808308

• 48 Hours’ Notice: No Charge
• Less than 48 hours’ notice 100% charge for Ad-hoc session / Holiday Club session booked.

One calendar month written notice is required for children leaving School Wrap permanently.


Payment Conditions

A non-refundable one-off Administration Fee of £25 per family is required upon Registration with School Wrap.

The cost for each School Wrap session is listed on our website www.schoolwrap.co.uk and is clearly stated in our Fees Policy. School Wrap prices for term-time and Holiday Club will be reviewed at the beginning of each academic year (September). Parents will be informed of any changes in writing.


Method of payment

You may choose from the following modes of payment to settle invoices:

BACS: Bank Account Details:

Bank: HSBC

Account name: School Wrap Limited
Sort code: 40-19-07
Account number: 11523317


Childcare Vouchers

School Wrap is registered with various Childcare Voucher Schemes. Should your employment support this service, we can provide you with a unique reference number. Childcare Vouchers need to be activated prior to 1st of every month to ensure clearance. Please reference the surname of your child for all payments.



Where a child attends an after school activity directly from school / before arriving at School Wrap, fees will be charged at full price. This secures your child’s place in the event of the after school activity being cancelled at short notice.


Late Collection Fees

Any parent and/or carer collecting their child later than 17:00 / 18:00 (depending on when their session ends) will be charged £5.00 for every five minutes they are late. This charge will be applied at the manager’s discretion. If a parent or carer knows that they will be late, they are asked to notify a member of staff at the earliest available time. We understand that sometimes there are special circumstances, therefore, staff members can be flexible to assist parents if something unexpected arises.


Invoices and Payment Terms

Invoices are processed on or around, the 24th of each month. All payments will be expected to reach the School Wrap bank account by 1st day of the following month. Ad-hoc / Holiday Club invoices are expected to be paid in full, upon receipt of invoice.  

Late Payment Charges

Mandatory Fixed Late Payment Charges will be generated to all unpaid accounts as follows: (7 working days’ grace to allow for childcare vouchers to be activated / ensure clearance.)

• 8 Days Late Payment Charge : Fixed £10.00
• For every day thereafter, an additional charge of £1.00 per day will incur.

N.B. By the 10th day of the month, if no suitable explanation has been received in writing, future sessions will be cancelled until full payment has been cleared in the School Wrap bank account.

You are encouraged to talk to the School Wrap Office Manager if you think you will have difficulties in paying your invoice. The sooner we hear, the easier it is to find a solution. Please contact us as soon as possible. This is in everyone’s interest.

In the eventuality that payments are not received and no reasonable explanation is provided, School Wrap will engage the following procedure to secure payment:


School Wrap Fees Policy

Stage 1: An email will be sent reminding you to activate your payment within 5 working days of the invoice date.

Stage 2: If no response has been received within seven days following the reminder email, mandatory fixed late payment charges will incur, as listed above.

Stage 3: If no response is received by the 10th day, a telephone call will request payment to be made. The child’s place may be withdrawn immediately and the child will not be accepted at School Wrap until the invoice is settled in full. Your debt will then be passed to a debt collecting agency.


Invoice Disputes

Should you not agree with the amount on the invoice, please speak in the first instance to the Office Manager. If you do not feel your query has been addressed, you may send a dispute letter to the School Wrap Manager with a copy of the invoice, outlining the disputed amount and the reason for the dispute. Any such dispute letter must be received at the latest 10 days after the invoice date to be considered. If no dispute letter is received within this period, the invoice is deemed to be accepted, and liable for payment in full. On receipt of such a dispute letter, the School Wrap Manager will investigate the situation and provide a prompt response, including supporting information as appropriate. In the eventuality that the invoice is confirmed to be incorrect, a revised invoice will be sent.

I hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions set out in the above Parental Contract and School Wrap Policies and Procedures. I understand the expectations and obligations relating to both myself and School Wrap Limited and agree to abide by them.

I understand that persistent late payment or non-payment of fees will jeopardise my child’s continued attendance at School Wrap.


If you have any questions or comments, please do get in touch.

Tracy Burn: Managing Director
Early Years Consultant BA (Hons) : PGDip Education Leadership and Management
T: 01327 842109 | E: admin@schoolwrap.co.uk | W: www.schoolwrap.co.uk

School Wrap Limited Long Buckby Community Centre, 41 Station Road, Long Buckby, Northampton, NN6 7QB.