Freedom to play at each end of the day!

Children welcome aged 3-12 years

We provide flexible, quality wraparound childcare for children Monday – Friday

Freshly prepared food on a daily basis

Children are offered a healthy breakfast and/or a light tea appropriate to time attended

Safe, stimulating environment

We create space and opportunity for children to access every play type and lead their own play

Team Wrap are scheming for the summer holidays!

Arrange to visit our setting, have a good look around and ask lots of questions with your child or children ūüôā

Call : 07748 808308 

School Wrap is a high quality setting which is welcoming, safe and stimulating, and strives to support children to grow in confidence. Overall leadership and management place great emphasis on behaviour and attitudes, and personal development of children, and staff alike. Team Wrap recognise that children arrive with different, and sometimes more limited experiences, than others. We actively listen to children’s voices and chat with them to extend their vocabulary, understanding that interactions with adults can make all the difference.

Covid Ready : in a Covid-secure way

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club: Package A Р07:15 Р09:00 РPriced £6.75
Breakfast Club: Package B Р08:00 Р09:00 РPriced £5.75

All School Wrap prices include a good healthy breakfast

After School

After School: Package C Р15:15 Р17:00 РPriced £9.25
After School: Package D Р15:15 Р18:00 РPriced £10.75

All School Wrap prices include a light tea (see our seasonal menu!)

Holiday Club

Monday – Friday inclusive (closed over the Christmas holidays)

  1. Holiday Club 1 Р07:30 Р18:00 Рpriced at £36.00
  2. Holiday Club 2 Р08:00 Р16:00 Рpriced at £28.00 (half days 4hrs £15)
  3. Holiday Club 3 Р09:00 Р17:00 Рpriced at £30.00
  4. Holiday Club 4 Р09:30 Р18:00 Рpriced at £32.00

All School Wrap prices include breakfast and/or a light tea appropriate to time attended


Years 6 and 7 

Straight from the school bus!

SAFE BASE after school

Monday – Friday until 5pm / 6pm

11-12 years¬†–¬†separate Castle Room –¬†¬†Wifi¬†/ older games / activities / Refreshments¬†

Children are welcome to bring their own hand-held device, access to the internet.

Open term-time and throughout

school holidays!

School Wrap is open from Monday to Friday during term-time and throughout the school holidays (with the exception of bank holidays and Christmas week)

OPEN for Teacher Training Days in line with Long Buckby schools. 

  • Bookings are based¬†on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Outside areas are fully utilised
  • School Wrap operate in a Covid-secure way with increased cleaning and hygiene routines in place.