At School Wrap, food is fun!

School Wrap provide children with a healthy, nutritious breakfast and/or light tea, appropriate to time attended. Fresh drinking water and fresh fruit are readily available and accessible at all times. Staff will make every effort to ensure all food is sensitive to the dietary, religious and cultural requirements of all children. *It is vital that parents disclose information about special dietary requirements, food intolerances or allergies that the child has and any special health requirements and/or additional needs, to enable staff to ensure the safety and well-being of children at all times.

Following guidance, due to Covid-19, food at School Wrap is currently being served to all children (rather than children self-serving). Children are positively encouraged to try new foods while good manners are promoted and praised continuously.

Children help to devise our seasonal menus :0)

Children are actively encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast before school and a balanced light tea after their school day ends. Creamy porridge is offered to all children on cold, frosty mornings (sometimes with honey!)

To ensure that we remain as Covid-secure as possible, children wash their hands upon arrival, after visiting the bathroom areas, and before and after eating their food. 

We welcome suggestions from children    and their families!

We have a suggestion box by the door at School Wrap. We encourage children and parents to write down ideas for new food types and menus. If your child does not enjoy a particular food item, or something disagrees, please email or phone at any time. It is important that you share details of any special dietary requirements, food intolerances or allergies. Ensuring that your children are safe and happy is our absolute priority.