Team Wrap are ready! To once again, soon provide, fun, freedom and fresh air, by taking your children outside to play with footballs, frisbees, parachute, skipping ropes, bats and balls – always accessible in our ‘Grab’n’Go’ Backpacks.

In windy weather, children can have a go at flying a kite, or race and chace bubbles, catching and popping them in competition with their friends!

On rainy days, children may bring wellies for deliberate puddle jumping! Early Years children will be provided with umbrellas and plenty of encouragement to sing and rhyme, dance in the rain! (without falling down the drain!)

Holiday Club encourages ‘Wonder Walks’ in and around the village of Long Buckby. Spontateous visits to the local duckpond, castle ruins, fire station, train station, library and to the new housing development to see the busy builders in action!