School Wrap#Hangout sessions : Monday-Friday : straight from the school bus – until 5/6pm! (£9.50)
This session includes bottled water, apple and crisps. Children aged 11-13 years, will have separate access to The Castle Room with games suited to older children, such as, electronic battleships, chess, Risk, Uno etc. Children are welcome to bring their own hand-held device and there will be safe access to the internet. Homework stations can be made available for those wishing to complete school work ahead of their weekend, but generally, older children will be encouraged to chill out and have fun with their friends in a relaxed area, as we endeavour to provide them with a SAFE BASE after school as the darker nights draw in. A ‘walkie-talkie monitor’ will be responsible to liaise with a ‘floating playworker’ as and when support is required, otherwise, children will have freedom to simply ‘hangout’ with their friends after school 🙂