Protective measures for holiday and after-school clubs, and other out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Updated 7 April 2021

Main changes to this guidance

The main changes include:

Who this guidance is for

This guidance is for out-of-school setting providers and their staff, who provide, for children (who were under the age of 18 on 31 August 2020):

  • community activities
  • tuition
  • holiday clubs
  • breakfast and after-school clubs for children

It applies to:

There is separate guidance available for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

  • About this guidance

    Out-of-school settings can continue to open for indoor and outdoor provision. They should follow the protective measures set out in this guidance.

    Evidence continues to confirm that children can be susceptible to coronavirus (COVID-19) infection although a range of analyses suggest that children’s susceptibility to infection appears less than adults. The evidence is stronger that pre-school and primary aged children are less susceptible to infection than adults and more mixed for secondary-age and older children.

    We know that the new variant of coronavirus (COVID-19) prevalent in the UK is more transmissible, which means it remains very important to follow the all the measures in this guidance carefully, especially the system of controls in the infection, protection and control section. We have also recommended additional precautionary measures, where applicable, throughout this guidance to further reduce the risk of transmission.

  • Who can attend your setting

    Until 12 April, out-of-school settings and wraparound providers are able to offer outdoor provision to all children, without restrictions on the purpose for which they may attend and indoor provision to:

    • vulnerable children and young people, under any circumstances
    • children on free school meals, where they are attending as part of the holiday activities and food programme
    • all other children, where the provision is one of the following:
      • reasonably necessary to enable their parents and carers to work, search for work, undertake education or training, or attend a medical appointment or address a medical need, or attend a support group
      • being used by electively home educating parents as part of their arrangements for their child to receive a suitable full-time education
      • being used as part of their efforts to obtain a regulated qualification, meet the entry requirements for an education institution, or undertake exams and assessments

    From 12 April, in line with the commencement of step 2 of the COVID-19 response – spring 2021, out-of-school settings and wraparound childcare providers can offer provision to all children, without restriction on the reasons for which they may attend.

    We will amend the relevant regulations to allow for each of these easing of restrictions to take place.

    You should note that some premises are only permitted to open for certain exempt activities. The COVID-19 response – spring 2021 guidance provides a list of businesses and venues which must remain closed, and those that can open for certain purposes, including registered childcare and supervised activities for children or, where applicable, for education or training.

    Children should be encouraged to attend settings close to where they live or go to school. This should, ideally, be within walking or cycling distance.

    Shielding advice was paused nationally at midnight on 31 March. As of 1 April, all CEVchildren and young people can now attend wraparound childcare and out-of-school settings, where they are eligible to do so, unless they are one of the very small number of children or young people under paediatric or other specialist care and have been advised by their GP or clinician not to attend.

Attending out-of-school settings can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of children and young people. However, it is crucial that we ensure we are minimising the risks to the nation’s health. It is for this reason that parents and carers are being encouraged to limit the number of settings their children attend as far as possible, and ideally to ensure their children attend the same setting consistently.

Venue-specific guidance

School Wrap is a purpose built, safe setting within Long Buckby Community Centre, accessed via a separate secure entry, using a coded panel door. (The Community Centre is presently closed to the local community in line with national lockdown). School Wrap reopened on Monday 8th March 2021.

Considering group sizes

Decisions on group sizes for your setting should be based on:

  • whether the activity takes place indoors or outdoors
  • the current government guidance on social distancing
  • the ability of the children in attendance to maintain social distancing and practise hand hygiene
  • the age of the children in attendance
  • nature of your activity or provision (for example, static, classroom set-up rather than an activity that requires a range of movement)
  • the size or layout of your premises
  • the ability to ventilate your premises effectively with fresh air

School Wrap has capped the number of children attending sessions to 15. This is to ensure that we remain as Covid-secure as possible; to reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus and to maintain social distancing measures in place, indoors and outdoors.

  • System of controls: Infection protection and control

    In this section, where something is essential for public health reasons, as advised by Public Health England (PHE), we have said ‘must’. Where there is a legal requirement we have made that clear. This guidance does not create any new legal obligations.

    This is the set of actions you must take. They are grouped into ‘prevention’ and ‘response to any infection’. If you follow the system of controls, you will effectively reduce risks in your setting and create an inherently safer environment.

    These additional measures will be reviewed in partnership with health experts to decide whether evidence suggests that these measures can be eased ahead of the summer.


    Providers (including their staff where applicable) must always:

    1) Minimise contact with individuals who are required to self-isolate by ensuring they do not attend your setting.

    2) Ensure face coverings are used in recommended circumstances.

    3) Ensure everyone is advised to clean their hands thoroughly and more often than usual.

    4) Ensure good respiratory hygiene for everyone by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach.

    5) Maintain enhanced cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces often, using standard products such as detergents.

    6) Consider how to minimise contact across the site and maintain social distancing wherever possible.

    7) Keep occupied spaces well ventilated.

    In specific circumstances:

    8) Ensure individuals wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary.

    9) Promote and engage in asymptomatic testing, where available.

    Response to any infection

    Providers (including their staff where applicable) must always:

    10) Promote and engage with the NHS Test and Trace process.

    11) Manage and report confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the setting community.

    12) Contain any outbreak by following local health protection team advice.

    If a child becomes unwell at School Wrap

  • The parent and/or carer will be called immediately to come and collect them.
  • While your child is awaiting collection they will be kept separately from others by a distance of at least 2 metres, ideally in a well-ventilated room with appropriate adult supervision – a window should also be opened for ventilation if it is safe to do so.
  • Your child will use a separate bathroom if possible, which will be cleaned and disinfected using standard cleaning products before being used by anyone else
  • PPE should be worn by staff caring for the child while they await collection if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained.In an emergency, call 999 if someone is seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk. Anyone with coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms should not visit the GP, pharmacy, urgent care centre or a hospital, unless advised to. Further information is available on how to manage and report confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) amongst the out-of-school settings community.


School Wrap has implemented a range of protective measures; increased personal hygiene, increased cleaning (ongoing), safe distance signage and procedures for parents and/or carers dropping off and collecting children and we are now fully utilising our outdoor space.

We are regularly refreshing our existing risk assessment in line with the HSE guidance. All health and safety compliance checks are carried out working in partnership with the Community Centre Committee.

Playworkers exercise judgement in ensuring the highest standards of safety are maintained. In this instance, School Wrap have introduced a temporary cap on numbers to ensure that safety is prioritised.

We welcome children aged from 3-12 years. There is moderately high scientific confidence in evidence suggesting younger children are less likely to become unwell if infected with coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, older children are more likely to have higher numbers of contacts outside socially so pose a greater transmission risk.

School Wrap have undertaken another thorough deep clean during this further unprecedented Covid-19 closure. Last March, all soft furnishings; rugs, beanbags, cushions, fluffy toys, dressing-up costumes etc. were removed from our setting, following government guidance. Resources are continously reviewed and replaced with equipment that is hard wearing and easily cleaned.

Construction toys such as, Lego, duplo, skittle bricks, popoids etc., are submerged in antibacterial solution at the end of each day and left out of reach for 72 hours. All toys and resources are rotated on a regular basis.

Our interactive white board is accessible to children working and playing at a safe distance along with the Wii, providing many physical sports challenges such as, tennis, golf, Fifa football, cricket and Just Dance!

The newly installed School Wrap computer and laptop have been positioned at individual work stations for children to create their own drawings, documents etc.  Keyboards are disinfected at regular intervals and after each and every child’s use.

We have an exciting play addition to our setting, providing a FUN area for young children to climb and hide at a safe distance. Playworkers are present at all times to monitor the number of children playing in any single area.

Children are actively encouraged to stand with their arms spread out wide and turn in a circle to keep themselves ‘super safe’. If they can touch another person, they are too close and can move slightly further away.

Our outdoor space is FULLY utilised, enabling children to enjoy packed lunches outside and play safely outside in all weathers. Our mud kitchen is fully equipped and we are currently developing a ‘water wall’ with water shoots and guttering for children to enjoy while keeping hands clean and safe.

Grab’n’Go Bags contain PPE, wet wipes, tissues and first aid equipment at all times. Plus, many FUN activities such as, rounders set, balls, magnifying glasses and tape measures!

We will continue to liaise with the DfE and as soon as we have any updates, we will share them here.