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The Big Day is almost here :)
Summer's Here!
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Summer Preparation!
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Summer Preparation!

The Big Day is almost here :)

The Big Day is almost upon us (exactly where have the sunny summer holidays gone?) and Team School Wrap is excitedly putting the finishing touches to our base room.
Ofsted have been and gone giving us our long-awaited registration! Yey! It was nerve-racking but it proved that Abbie and I are gong to be a fabulous team and we just can't wait to get started! 
We've got so many goodies for the children already but have decided to have a Wish Wall, where the children can post their ideas about other equipment or ideas for games.

Summer's Here!

Well, summer is well and truly here and the School Wrap team is busy preparing for our grand opening on Thursday September 5th.
Funding is in! Yey! Let the shopping commence!  We have had lots of ideas from the young people of our village and so a Wii is in place, alongside several tablets and DS Lites. Of course, this is all a bit 'insidey' and in this weather you'll be glad to know that there is lots of outdoor equipment in the pipeline, as well of lots of exciting toys and games for the younger children at the club.
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