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Summer's Here!

Well, summer is well and truly here and the School Wrap team is busy preparing for our grand opening on Thursday September 5th.
Funding is in! Yey! Let the shopping commence!  We have had lots of ideas from the young people of our village and so a Wii is in place, alongside several tablets and DS Lites. Of course, this is all a bit 'insidey' and in this weather you'll be glad to know that there is lots of outdoor equipment in the pipeline, as well of lots of exciting toys and games for the younger children at the club.

keep them coming!

I am pleased to announce that we now have a fantastic new Session Manager, who is highly qualified and experinced in working within an after school club. I am really excited that she is joining the team!
The applications for sessions are starting to come in now so, if you need to reserve a specific time and day, get filling those forms in soon :) Please feel free to contact me about anything re' School Wrap as I am always more than happy to chat to you about it.
If you wish to register your child but don't need specific slots (you can use us as a one off!

and so the story begins...

Hi everyone,
Well we're into the first week of registration and we're doing well! I am a amazed and so excited that so many people have chosen to place their children with School Wrap. It makes me realise that this is exactly what I want to be doing!
It has certainly been an interesting year, setting this all up alongside teaching, training for a marathon and running a household with three lovely (but slightly crazy) children, a long suffering husband, a Spanish puppy (why or why did we do that?
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