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and so the story begins...

Hi everyone,
Well we're into the first week of registration and we're doing well! I am a amazed and so excited that so many people have chosen to place their children with School Wrap. It makes me realise that this is exactly what I want to be doing!
It has certainly been an interesting year, setting this all up alongside teaching, training for a marathon and running a household with three lovely (but slightly crazy) children, a long suffering husband, a Spanish puppy (why or why did we do that?) and three chilckens - they really are the only calm ones in our household.
My Year 11s and Sixth Form have now left so i'm hoping to have some more time to dedicate to filling these School Wrap places and hosting so open eveings / days in June.
I am going to be at the open evening at the Junior School tomorrow evening so come and say hello and pick up a form!
School Wrap :)

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